Finding Christmas Magic through Kindness

on December 07, 2023

The twinkling lights are up, the halls have been decked, and there's a chill in the air that can only mean one thing - the holiday season is here! As Andy Williams sang, "It's the most wonderful time of the year." It's a time full of wonder, bringing out the kid in all of us. We look forward to cozy nights by the fire, cookies fresh from the oven, carols playing on repeat. But most of all, it's the Christmas spirit woven throughout it all that truly makes it magical.

You see, Christmas has a way of bringing out the kindness in people. Maybe it's helping a struggling mom pay for her gifts or dropping some change in the red kettle for charity. Simple acts of goodness spread joy faster than flying reindeer can eat carrots! The kindness completes the magic started by twinkling lights and mistletoe, making the season about creating light during the darkest days.

And what glows and glitters more than solid gold jewelry? Gold has long been linked to Christmas, from the three wise men traveling far to offer gold gifts to sweet baby Jesus to the golden tinsel and ribbons dressing up trees today. Gold represents the glow inside when kindness and generosity shine through.

While today's high-tech toys and gift cards seem to rule Christmas morning, adding thoughtful, handmade gifts or donating time back injects meaning into the madness. Take a pause from the hustle and bustle to offer simple gestures of goodwill, whether holding doors, letting others go first in line, or paying a small kindness forward. Rediscover the nostalgia of holidays past. Craft unique gifts, bake festive treats to share, or write heartfelt snail mail notes to make spirits bright. Find inspiration in the classic charm of gold-foiled Christmas cards, pine cones spray-painted gold, or baking gingerbread men decorated with glittery gold.

This year, challenge yourself to spread more light through small acts of kindness. Generosity, compassion and cheer are the true ingredients for Christmas magic. With more heartfelt giving, this may just turn out to be your most wonderful Christmas yet!