Life isn’t a dress rehearsal.

on September 17, 2021

What is Your Ikagi

What is Ikigai? I didn't know when I started Lula J. I'm beginning to now; maybe my journey might help you!

As life normalised (slightly!) as my son became a toddler, I had a feeling, deep down, saying something like, "Is this it?" Don't get me wrong, I have loved my career, but I also know the media world is not filled with gracefully ageing women, lol! I needed a Plan B.

False starts

There were a few products I'd come to know and love, including face masks. Maybe I should look at importing them into Singapore and re-selling, I thought. But that never got me excited, and it's just a numbers game, adding a margin.

Maybe I should use my years working in the media industry to help others. I tinkered with social media marketing for a few organisations and coaching other founders, but as outsourced support, I didn't feel it was my own if that makes sense.

One day I was cruising IG (as you do), marvelling at some shiny jewelry from the States, and I said to my husband, "Why is it so hard to get elegant, contemporary, gold jewelry here?" He looked scared... I felt an idea forming!

Start somewhere

I won't talk through every step of how I started Lula J, not now anyway. This blog is about Ikigai, our purpose. The lesson I learned was to find something:

  • I love and am passionate about.
  • The world needs (sustainable, quality jewelry to pass down through the generations).
  • Where my love of aesthetics helps.
  • With a niche (between costume jewelry and costly branded pieces)

Once you have that idea, start. Not every business or project needs massive funding. Test out your ideas, start small, fail, learn, adapt, and improve.

Why now?

Why am I writing this now? Because for many of us, Covid has prompted an examination of what matters. How are we going to spend our time on this beautiful planet? How are we going to try and find fulfilment in our work?

I truly believe each one of us has that Ikigai within. Many of us, myself included, stay with what we get paid for, forgetting what the world needs and what we love.

Life isn't a dress rehearsal, so there isn't much time to waste not doing things you love. I am not suggesting we all quit our jobs and go all yogi somewhere (although, if that's your thing 😉...). At least allow yourself the space to dream and dream big, but start small.

Lula J is a dream, you are part of that dream, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!