Mum or Not!

on May 05, 2021

Here at Lula J, we celebrate mothers. And we celebrate non-mothers. On Mother’s Day, even as articles, ads and Instagram posts tell you what you should be gifting mummy dearest come May 9, and which restaurant you should be making reservations at (who else’s Mother’s Day lunch and dinner plans are in disarray thanks to #Phase2Part2?), and as friends on social media share the joys of motherhood and how their kids have changed their lives forever, here’s a shoutout to the non-mum. The woman who doesn’t have children, either by choice or circumstance. Maybe she’d rather have dogs, or cats, or rabbits. Perhaps she doesn’t like kids. Or maybe she’s not ready yet, or hasn’t had a chance, or is unable to, for some reason. 

Lula J Jewelry Mother's Day Banner

On the first Sunday of May, as the world fetes mothers and motherhood, and waxes lyrical about how amazing, worthy and multi-faceted mums are, it’s important to remember that those who are not mums are equally amazing, worthy and multi-faceted. They are not less. And they are not more. 

What we are trying to say is: It’s okay if you’re not a mum. It’s okay if you get just a bit tired of the noise around you lauding those who have offspring. It’s okay to buy yourself a gift for no reason other than to celebrate you (perhaps a Lula J ring or necklace?), or have a boozy brunch, because you can.

At the end of it all, being a mum on Mother’s Day is wonderful. And being a woman who is not a mum on Mother’s Day, who has all kinds of other plans and projects and pets which they can also call their babies, it’s wonderful too. 

And you know the good thing about Mother’s Day? We all have mothers, whether we’re close to them or not, or whether they’re still with us or not. You can make it a special day, or you can see it as just another day. Whatever you choose, we hope you have an awesome 9th of May.