Let’s talk about Meghan Markle (and our Meghan ring)

Let’s talk about Meghan Markle (and our Meghan ring)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and we don’t mean the shiny diamonds we put on our Lula J jewelry), you’ll have read about or seen that explosive interview given by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to Oprah Winfrey, where, in a nutshell, the Duchess unleashed bombshells about...
on March 16, 2021
Gold jewelry – plated or 9 carats?

Gold jewelry – plated or 9 carats?

It’s time to look into 9 carats and gold-plated jewelry. 24 carat is the purest gold out there, but it’s soft and vulnerable to scratches. 18 carat is 18 parts gold, 6 parts alloy. 14 carat is what we use, it’s strong enough to hold our elegant and fine designs...
on July 13, 2020
Gold jewelry – 14 or 18 carats?

Gold jewelry – 14 or 18 carats?

24 carat gold is the benchmark by which gold is measured. It is considered “pure gold”, even if there’s not really any such thing. Learn about gold carats and how to find the best gold jewelry for you.
on July 06, 2020
Why Gems for jewelry. Learn the beauty of gems

Why gems?

Why do we love gems? You’ve probably seen the meme quoting Henry Kissinger that says, “A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure." That’s true, but it misses between 1 to 3.3 billion years of pressure and extreme temperatures! Gems are amazing, that’s why we love them!
on May 19, 2020
Why gold pieces?

Why gold?

Of all the metals in all the world, why is gold so universally loved!? Well, there are lots of theories. Like most theories, without the words of the good folks in 4,500-4,600 B.C. Bulgaria (currently the oldest archeological gold jewelry find), we don’t really know why gold was so valued...
on May 07, 2020